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Swap File Already Exists Git. Found a swap file by the name .git\.commit_editmsg.swp while opening file .git\.commit_editmsg.swp newer than swap file! Sign up , it unlocks many cool features!

Manage Git branches—WebStorm
Manage Git branches—WebStorm from www.jetbrains.com

Normally, you get this error message when you are performing git operations from two different places. (2) an edit session for this file crashed. 的 解决方法 zhengxiangwen的专栏 4万+ linux下编程难免会开启多次vim编辑, 同一个文件如果在上一次编辑时未进行保存,则在下一次想要进行编辑时就会出现: swap file *.swp already exists !

Manage Git branches—WebStorm

You can see the name of the current swap file using :sw [apname] the name of the swap file is normally the same as the file you are editing, with the extension . Edit it a third time and you get a.swn, and so on. Delete the file by executing the delete command. Txt file because the file already exists in the target directory.