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Shows Like My Mad Fat Diary. Deals with heavy topics like eating disorders, body image, and self harm, but also has many funny moments to balance things out. If you’re looking for a show with a heart, it’s worth a try.

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Just like freaks and geeks this only has 1 season. Yes, it was written by rae earl who is now a radio presenter. Read all stars ciara baxendale

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Lists containing my mad fat diary (2013 tv show) inspiring lists containing my mad fat diary handcrafted by creative users tugba @backstreetboysnick2009 tv series 86 tv shows bewitched 1964 tv show black summer 2019 tv show just shoot me!, taken and 82 more. A girl tries to reconnect with her friends amid her own battle with mental health and body image after a. Arguably the funniest sitcom of the 2010s — it has to be at least in the top 5— derry girls takes place in an unlikely setting for a comedy:. Rae talks about her relationship with food in this powerful dream this episode & more on all 4 now: