Remington 700 308 Shoot 7.62 at Animes

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Remington 700 308 Shoot 7.62. The logic is, do not fire a higher pressure commercial.308 cartridge in. A high grade aluminium detachable magazine conversion kit for the.

Remington 700CP .308/7.62 Pistol 12.5"
Remington 700CP .308/7.62 Pistol 12.5" from

308 is the 7.62×51 the same and safe to shoot through my rifle? Owned from new, very rarely used, less than 100 rounds through it. However, there is a 0.0025 inch overlap between the 7.62x51mm minimum headspace and the.308 field reject headspace.

Remington 700CP .308/7.62 Pistol 12.5"

I just bought a brand new remington 700 5r in.308. If you're looking for can a remington 700 308 shoot 7 62. Lucky 13 remington 700 detachable magazine conversion kit.308.243. The m700 is chambered in every magnum cartridge with psi's well above either the 7.62 nato or the.308w so why should either of those cartridges pose a problem in a m700?