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Lee Enfield Converted To 308. 7.62mm enfield l42a1 sniper rifle, circa 1971 (converted from no4mk1t circa 1944). The quality of the metallurgy is fine.

Lee Enfield .308 Conversion 7 for sale
Lee Enfield .308 Conversion 7 for sale from www.gunsamerica.com

The story's are it was. All this is on the right hand side above and behind the trigger guard. 5, but i know companies have converted the.303 no.

Lee Enfield .308 Conversion 7 for sale

We acquired this rifle a few months back. £ 475 anvil arms & angling 8 photos The rifle has a target stock, fitted scope base, 10 round 7.62 magazine, sling and a brand new bull target barrel. No factory made a.308 no.